Water Division

Potable Water Treatment Technologies

IPWI recognize that drinking water is the most important resource for mankind. In the past, a lot of the available natural reservoirs of emerging and developed markets have been carelessly polluted. Without treatment, many of such resources are no longer suitable for human consumption.

In the emerging countries, the pollution of the available reserves is increasing because of expanding agriculture and industries which travel into the water course used for drinking water sources.  Even low salinity ground water sources can be contaminated by lack of sanitation facilities leading to an increase in water borne diseases and gastric problems.

In developing countries, the few available sources are overused because of the population growth – water of lower quality is used as a potable water source.

IPWI has the in house capability for design, project management, and operations and maintenance for a wide range of potable water treatment technologies including but not limited to:

  • Seawater Desalination
    • Thermal Desalination with Power Generation or using excess Heat Sources
    • Membrane Desalination
  • Ground Water Treatment
    • Extraction, Filtration and Disinfection
    • Low Pressure Desalination and Disinfection 

Waste Water Treatment and Water Recycling Technology

With worldwide rising awareness for the protection of our environment, requirements for waste water treatment are increasing, carbon, nitrogen, and phosporous compounds have to be eliminated to the greatest possible degree. The process selected by IPWI not only guarantees our client that this target is achieved; it furthermore enables them to do so under low investment and O&M costs.

As with our approach to potable water production, IPWI can operate as full project developer who design and realize the whole process out of one hand, guarantee to our clients the compliance of the effluent values with the most rigid requirements – this provides our customers a high level of security.